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.Make it, Wear it, Love it.
We believe in doing everything with love and creativity! We aim to convey this in every stage that involves our piece’s production and sale…
Our passions directly reflect the things that we believe in, what we want to take into our lives and what we want to convey to people. It is our passion that guide us and that inspire us daily. In our case, it is our passion for Colors, Nature and different Cultures that inspire us to create original, exclusive and optimistic pieces for our customers!
All of our jewellery is handmade. We choose our materials with care and attention to ensure it’s quality and variety. We work with all colours, sizes and textures beads! Here you will find Muranos, Ceramics, Crystals, Fused Glass, Millefiori, Wood, Seeds and several other options. We also have a huge variety of semi-precious stones from different corners of the world! The metals you are able to find in our stores are: Steel, Zamak, Alloy and Brass and Stainless steel, which has proven to be extremely envi­ron­men­tally friendly. This is because it uses primary energy sparingly, saves non-renewable sources and limits the waste stream. None of them have nickel in their formula, which minimises the possibility of allergic reactions. We are 100% supportive of recycling, and this includes all jewellery, from anywhere you might have bought it. We can use old little pieces to create something shiny and new!
We work with basic techniques, such as the use of pliers, to the most complex techniques such as macrame, decoupage, collage … all to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of handmade.
For our collections we always try to bring a mix of ideas, personalities and styles. In the pieces of our own production, made in our atelier Missangas&Co in Lisbon, we analyse trends and proposals to create jewelry that can represent our feelings and passions. Always prioritising originality and creativity! In addition to our own studio, we work with several artisans around the world, who translate their own worldview through their arts. Each artist proposes different colours, combinations, techniques, textures and materials … this allow us to have very varied and original collections!
Everyone has a creative part inside them, we love being able to work together with our clients to transform and translate their ideas and dreams in the form of jewellery. We want to help them to express themselves and to develop unique and authentic creations!