About Us
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About Us

… A World of Beads …
To tell the story about how everything started we must not forget the origin of it all …
“Missanga” is an African word that refers to a small decorative piece made of
different materials such as stones, bones, shells, wood, among others
Traces of the use of beads in different centuries, tribes, societies, continents and religions can be found. Beads appeared around the world with different names, colors and shapes. It was believed that they transmitted spiritual, mystical, cultural and social values ​​to those who used them!
Beads were used to beautify the body and hair of the natives. Since that time, its use has stimulated the art and creativity of different indigenous peoples, thus creating accessories to decorate and differentiate them in society.

“Today, we carry on that legacy…” Bertha Unzueta

… The Union made the Force …
Missangas&Co emerged as a family project. In 2003, Bertha Unzueta and her 3 daughters Zurire, Kessy and Zimi opened a small store in Cascais (Lisbon) where they sold pieces for jewelry assembling and also accessories created by them, with atelier and personalization service for the customers.
“The idea came from the desire to personalize and create different jewelry, which could reflect the authenticity and creativity of each person.” Kessy Peche
… Diversity of Colors, Rainbow of Life …
The Peruvian origin of the founders, their proximity to handcrafts, their trips around the world and the mix of cultures helped them to come up with the multicolored name MISSANGAS & CO, followed by the slogan Make it. Wear it. Love it… which seeks to convey the brand's originality, diversity and joy.

“We are color and we put color in everything we are.” Zimi Peche

… The Dream Came True …
Their passion placed on everything they do and their dedication to the project allowed the family to expand the business. New stores were opened: 2008 in Chiado, 2014 in Belém, 2016 in Baixa and 2018 the Online Store. As well as new ideas were emerging, introducing clothing and decoration items in the collections.

“It all started with a bead, and then it became our life project …” Bertha Unzueta

… The Future promises LOVE …
The future plan is to continue to surprise with collections in which creativity and originality can both stand out. The family believe that it is the brand's promise to continue learning and also to start teaching.

“We want our customers to keep daring to experience the art of creating and to be able to express their freedom and creativity spirit.” Zurire Peche